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Rob Hedges

In shape for xmas

From "LMH Personal Training" in Swindon

3 training sessions per week plus a nutritional plan for only £45 per week. Normal cost for 12 week...more

Itzel Burbidge

FREE 30 minute Consultation

From "Mind&Motion Fitness" in Beckenham

If you are planning a beach holiday, a wedding or want to run 10k for charity! If all you want is to...more

Louise Wilcockson

Buy 5 PT Sessions, Get 6th PT Session Free!

From "Nu Yu Fitness" in Windsor

- Purchase 5 full-priced 1hr PT sessions and receive your 6th one free (worth £40). - Bespoke nutr...more

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stuart lunn

New Profile: personal trainer Birmingham body transformation from Birmingham

'personal trainer Birmingham body transformation' from Birmingham in West_midlands has created a new profile...view profile

stuart lunn

New Offer: personal trainer Birmingham body transformation from Birmingham

12 week body transformation | for just £12 per week we will show you how to lose weight...view profile

Bobby Scott

New Review: Bobby Scott Fitness from London

AMAZING | I had 3 months to get into shape for a wedding. Without Bobby's help I would have NEVER got there. I'm still continuing to train w...view profile

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leighann happy and healthy

James Bond saves Leigh-ann’s life, job and happiness!

May 8, 2014 | No Comments

  Weight Loss Success Story by James Bond Star Client: Leigh-ann Arundel Aim: To lose baby weight, keep her job, get help with her severe SPD (symphysis pubis dysfunction) My name is Leigh Ann Arundel I work for the public

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wheat free weight loss challenge

A Couple Lose 6 Inches In 6 Weeks On The Wheat Challenge

Apr 3, 2014 | No Comments

Weight Loss Success Story by Abdi Berleen Star Clients: Mr & Mrs Sheth Aim: To lose weight, gain energy and control cravings by using a 6 week wheat free challenge In the end of last year when I wrote a

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20% off healthy coffee offer - fantastic fitness deals

20% OFF Healthy Coffee – First 20 Orders Only

Mar 28, 2014 | No Comments

FRIDAY FITNESS DEAL: Get the energy you need for jumping around in Spring! This Healthy Black Coffee not only tastes great but has loads of benefits without the CRASH! Only £24 for 30 sachets down from £30 – Buy 2

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